Monday, June 30, 2008

Holy Moley,
I just received this bullshit email from the co-op gallery of which I am a member. There always some jerk-off, usually a man, who decides he needs to make such a place his little kingdom to command: he sends me an email detailing all the janitorial duties, maintenance etc,...,
I am an artist, not a friggin' janitor. I am ready to tell this guy to sniff his own farts and die.
It's not like I have a show coming up or am going to receive any benefits from this un-named place. I just had a show there in March and by their rules, I cannot show again for another two years. Sounds to me like it's time to leave - what do you think?
Jim Caron

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Surrealism and the battle for sanity
Wow, what a freaky adventure I am in- the inspiration to create a new body of work for my collectors who constantly demand new and inspiring visions from me.
My indulgence in video and the web have pulled me away from the canvas for a short time,
but I am back and painting.
Email me and ask about my work that is available.
I see that A. O. SCOTT of the NEW YORK TIMES has a review of "A Girl's Life".
He has written a nice article, but I cannot see putting any of the work in my home.
My rule is that if I wouldn't hang it my own house, why make it?
Jim Caron

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fine Art for Investment and Enjoyment by Jim Caron
this website features the exclusive works of Jim Caron, the long time cartoonist for Coagula Art Journal. Orange County Weekly recently reviewed a show at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. The March 2008 show was the highlight of the Center's shows so far this year as the Orange County  High School for the Arts was literally changed overnight after the students there viewed the work.
Inspiring young minds is the greatest reward for an artist and that is a specialty of Jim Caron.