Thursday, January 25, 2018

Koko Gets 2 DUI's within 2 Weeks

Wow. Koko came back and was sweet as pie. Made love one night then drove off to Los Angeles. Got herself a DUI trying to be somebody at The Abbey. Telling me I was missing out when I suppose she didn't realize it was a Gay Bar and I am not gay.
Now she is up for some jail time and has a hearing on the first of February. Possible the first DUI will be dropped, she has one in OC and one in LA.
Meanwhile she is mad as a hornet and not very amiable. She is 28 going on 68.
Love you Koko.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Koko has returned to the Ozone....

Some very weird shit has happened over Christmas. Koko is rather unhinged. She is combative, breaks things, is totally bi-polar.
She can be an asset, she had her girlfriend over the Saturday before Christmas after a long sex session. She wanted me to fuck her too, so I did. Very young and pretty girl I have met before, she's only 25 and has beautiful big tits.
So I was lucky to fuck two women in one night here, but soon after was left with zero,... both gone on to other things. Ended up spending New Years Eve alone.... just a strange set of events. More later.